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I can't go anywhere because of the corona virus ...
I made a game full of exhilaration to blow off such a depressed feeling!

Ver. 1.03: Support Mac OS X

"Destroy all corona viruses in the city!"

A corona virus that threatens the survival of Otaku city.

You, who have been selected as a geek's representative, have stepped into Otaku city, which has become a ghost town with no going out, using the "Corona Cleaner D" developed as a magic bullet.

Can you survive ...?!

How to play

It is a game where you chase the corona virus that spreads in the city and destroy the virus with magic bullets while avoiding the obstacles scattered by the virus.

Remaining time is reduced if you hit an obstacle, come into contact with the corona virus, or destroy the mask with a bullet.

If you catch the mask, the mask will be consumed when you come into contact with the corona virus and will not be damaged.

If the mask remains when the stage is cleared, it will be added to the score as a bonus.

The following three operation methods are available. Customization is also possible.

<Style A>

- [W]: Up
- [S]: Down
- [A]: Left
- [D]: Right
- Left [Shift] + [A],[D]: Roll

- [U]: Forward
- [J]: Back
- [Space]: Fire

<Style B>

- Cursor Key: Up, Down, Left, Right
- Right [Ctrl] + [<-],[->]: Roll

- [F]: Forward
- [V]: Back
- [Space]: Fire

<Style C>

DirectInput Controller (Logicool F310, PS-3 Controller etc.)
- Joystick/Cross: Up, Down, Left, Right
- [L2], [R2]: Roll

- [Y]/[TRI]: Forward
- [A]/[X]: Back
- [R1]: Fire

[F1]: Start
[F2]: Opening/Help/Credits
[Esc]: Escape (Quit Game)
[Enter]: Submit

To customize key operation and joystick, click the Input tab on the Configuration screen at startup.
The operation method can be set freely by double-clicking each item and then performing the operation directly.

To clear the changed operation method, press [Delete](Windows) or [fn]+[Delete](Mac) for a while on the credits screen,

"<Initialized> Please restart"

This line is displayed, quit the game once and restart it.
At this time, the memorized high score will be cleared. Please be careful.

As for the operation with the controller, only the PS-3 compatible controller has been confirmed to work.
It is highly possible that other controllers will work depending on the configuration at startup, but I can't guarantee it.

Please check it on trial version before purchasing.

About trial version and paid version

Before purchasing paid version, be sure to check the operation with trial version.

The trial version has the following restrictions with respect to paid version.

  • "Trial Version" is displayed at the top center of the screen.
  • Up to 10 stages. (Up to 30 stages in paid version)
  • Prepared song is not played when clearing all stages.
  • Even if the paid version has been upgraded, the trial version may not change.

Please download only those who can approve the above points.

If you have any problems or requests, let me know.

For those who purchased paid version

I usually compose music under the name AETA. The money will be gratefully received as support for music activities and will be used to purchase equipment.

If you want to support me a bit even if you can't purchase it, you can subscribe to YouTube channel or register as a favorite artist in various streaming services. (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and so on.)

Of course, advertising about this game is also welcome!


Planning / Development: AETA
Programming: AETA
Music: AETA

This game uses "ZENRIN City Asset Series TM" as asset.


  • About commercial use
    It can be used freely by individuals and corporations.
  • About redistribution
    Redistribution of software data is prohibited regardless of the trial version or paid version.
  • Other prohibited activities
    Unauthorized acquisition of source code, assets, etc. of this software by means such as reverse engineering is prohibited.
Update history
  • [2020-04-03: Ver. 1.03]
    Support for Mac OS X
    Add scaling adjustment for display resolution
  • [2020-03-26: Ver. 1.02]
    Change help file
  • [2020-03-26: Ver. 1.01]
    Fix bug - stage clear count is not cleared
    Change sound of guard from Corona
    Increase threshold of joystick
  • [2020-03-20: Ver. 1.00]
    First release


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CoronaAttack_v1_03_win.zip 71 MB
CoronaAttack_v1_03_mac.zip 74 MB

Download demo

CoronaAttack_v1_03_Trial_win.zip 71 MB
CoronaAttack_v1_03_Trial_mac.zip 74 MB


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Good mechanics.



Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!